4 Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Home Selling Agent

If you've made up your mind to sell your house, your next decision will be choosing a real estate agent to hire. You can pick from all the agents in your area, but how do you choose the right one? Interviewing several agents is a great idea to help you choose the right one, and here are four questions to ask during your interviews.

How Many Homes Did You Close on Last Year?

When an agent lists a home and sells it, the house sale is complete when it closes. Finding out how many house closings an agent had during the previous year can help you learn how aggressive the agent is with his or her job. If the agent had just a few closings, this agent might not be overly serious about selling houses. If the agent had 30 sales, though, you could know that the agent is good at what he or she does.

How Many Days on the Market Were the Homes Before Selling?

Next, it can be helpful to ask how many days on the market the homes were before closing. Days on the market (DOM) is a common term in real estate, and it refers to the number of days from the time a home is listed until a deal is in progress. If you can find an agent with a low average for DOM, you may have an improved chance of selling your house faster.

What Is the Ratio Between List Price and Sale Price of the Homes You Listed?

The asking price of a home is not typically the price it sells for when it closes. Instead, homes generally sell for prices under the asking prices. You should ask what the average ratio is for the selling prices compared to the asking prices. Hopefully, you can find an agent with a high ratio, as a high ratio indicates the agent is good at suggesting asking prices.

What Challenges Do You See With Selling This Home?

It's always wise to ask an agent about the potential challenges he or she sees with a home. By asking this, you can figure out what problems you might face while selling your house, and you may be able to take the necessary steps to eliminate these challenges.

The answers the agents provide can help you pick the one that seems the most competent for your home sale. You can learn more about hiring an agent by contacting a real estate agency in your city.

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