Reasons To Buy A Brand-New Home This Year

There are many benefits of buying your own residence in the world today. Along with being able to plant family roots with a stable home location, you also can enjoy income tax deductions and equity growth as the real estate market increases. But when you buy a newly built home or build your own home with a home builder, there are some additional benefits you get in the process. Here are some reasons you should buy a new home this spring.

Home Builder Warranty

When you buy a home from a local builder, they will usually provide a home warranty on their work and the home's structure. This is important because even if a home is brand-new, that does not mean it is going to be perfect and not have any issues. The land the home is built upon can have existing issues, the environment can affect the building materials, and errors can occur in the building process and with the new appliances. 

You can hire a professional inspection on the home to determine any defects before you even move in. Or you can move into the home and be on the lookout for any issues that need addressing or repairs. Then, you will be able to alert the builder to the problems so they can repair them as quickly as possible. For example, your home inspector may find that the gutter system for your roof drainage is insufficient in one section, which will result in soil saturation around the home's foundation. Over time, this will lead to a leaky basement. However, your home builder can add on the extra length of guttering to prevent the moisture problem.

Choose Its Location

Another benefit of buying a brand-new home is your ability to select its location. A permanent feature of an existing home that you buy is its location, which you cannot change — you can renovate the interior and exterior of a home but you can't adjust its location. So if you are looking to choose your floor plan and home builder, you can also buy the lot on which your home will be built. 

When you buy your own lot, you can choose its location in relation to neighbors, distance to local schools and your work, and the physical features of the area. For example, if you want to build your home on a lot on the edge of town where it is quiet and free of traffic and trains, you can look for a more rural lot with a large piece of land.

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