3 Tips For Generating Real Estate Seller Leads

Part of working as a real estate agent involves constantly marketing yourself and finding new clients. Some real estate agents specialize in working with buyers, others solely work with sellers, and many are able to represent buyers and sellers. If you prefer to work with sellers, it is important to make it a point to put in an effort to generate real estate seller leads. Real estate agents who actively work towards generating seller leads will gain more clients, sell more properties, and increase their annual commissions. Use the following tips to help you generate more real estate seller leads:

Utilize Social Media

In this day and age, social media platforms are a very valuable resource for real estate agents who want to find seller leads. However, you can't simply open multiple social media accounts and post from time to time. One of the best ways to generate seller leads is by populating your social media feeds with excellent content that shows that you are an authority in your market. In addition to publishing useful content, work on gaining as many followers as you can. Over time, you can gain the reputation of being a knowledgeable seller's agent in your area, and as your name becomes known, you will gain clients who want to sell their house.

Connect with Real Estate Investors

When you want to generate seller leads, don't overlook local real estate investors. In larger cities and metro areas, there are many investors who purchase homes, make upgrades, and then flip the house for a profit. Some real estate investors purchase and upgrade dozens of houses a year, and savvy investors typically want to work with a trusted real estate agent when they are ready to sell one of their properties. Forming a relationship with one or more real estate investors can potentially help you increase the number of homes sold by a substantial margin.

Explore Expired Listings

When a person wants to sell their house, they typically sign a contract with a real estate agent for a set amount of time. If the home is not sold by the time the contract ends, the listing expires. Most sellers whose homes have not sold when their original contract with an agent expires opt to work with a different agent who may have a better plan to market the house and get it sold. Contacting the owners of recently expired listings is a simple way to gain new clients. 

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