Work You Might Have to Do When Selling Your Home

There are two different times during a home sale when you might need to do some work at your house. The first time is before you list the home, and the second time is during the negotiation process. Your real estate agent can help you know what to do to your home and when to do it, but here are some details about this that you should understand.

Work You Might Need Before Listing Your Home

When you initially hire a real estate agent, he or she probably will not list the house without seeing it and recommending some improvements. Agents walk through homes to understand their condition before they write the listing agreements for the sales. During these walkthroughs, they point out details that the homeowner may need to address. Here are some examples of things your agent might discuss with you:

  • Paint colors – Changing the paint colors from bold, bright colors to neutral ones is often a smart move.
  • Minor repairs – If the agent notices a small problem around your house, he or she will recommend fixing it. For example, if you have a faucet that drips, you should fix it before showing the house.
  • Clutter – The agent might also suggest removing some clutter and cleaning your home more thoroughly.

When agents give you tips before listing your house, you should take the advice. You should avoid taking it personally. Agents only want to help people sell their homes, which is why they offer advice.

Work You Might Need During the Negotiation Process

Most buyers hire home inspectors before closing on the homes. When the inspector comes, you might end up with a list of things you must fix before the closing.

The inspector might find water damage you need to fix or loose shingles on the roof. The buyer of your home can use these repairs to negotiate on the deal. You should understand this and not take it personally as you prepare to sell your home.

If the buyer does not want you to fix the things on the list, he or she might renegotiate the price instead. If the buyer feels that the work will cost $2,000, then they might reduce the offer amount by $2,000 to compensate for the work that they must do to the property.

If you have questions about selling your house, then talk to a home selling realtor in your town. 

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