Things To Focus On When Looking At New Homes To Buy

When you look at a home you might be interested in purchasing, what do you focus on? Generally, you might focus on things like the condition of the foundation, age of the appliances, and condition of the roof. But what if the home you're looking at is new? The roof and foundation will be in good shape, and the appliances will be brand-new! It would be a mistake, however, to only think about aesthetics when touring a new home. Here are some other things you should pay attention to when looking at new homes.

What type of plumbing does the home have?

These days, most homes either have copper or PEX piping. Copper is a traditional choice, but PEX is like a hose. It is flexible and can be run behind walls when they are already in place. Neither option is necessarily better than the other, but people have their preferences. If you want to be able to make plumbing repairs yourself in the future, you had better buy a home with copper pipes since PEX is difficult for amateurs to work on.

How easily can you change the layout of rooms?

After you live in any home for a while, you tend to find aspects of the layout that don't appeal to you. For instance, you might come to hate the fact that the fridge opens towards the counter so nobody can stand there while you open it. In some homes, you can easily move things around. In others, there's really no other layout choice than the one used currently. Pay close attention to the layout when shopping for a home, and if you suspect you may not love the current layout, make sure it is modifiable.

What is the quality of the paint job?

Most homes look really nice when they're freshly painted. But will the walls still look nice a year from now? Look at the pain closely. Are there places where you can see through it? Is the color uneven anywhere? If the paint job is not the best, the rest of the work may be subpar, too, and you may be better off looking at a home that's better made. 

Looking at a new home is quite different from looking at a home that has been standing for decades. Keep focused on the elements above, and talk to your real estate agent if you have any remaining questions. 

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