5 Personality Traits Of The Best Real Estate Agent

Whether you are making plans to sell your home or you are in the market for one to buy, finding a good real estate agent can make all the difference in your overall experience. While most cities and towns have a full lineup of worthy candidates you can turn to for help, there are always those top-standing professionals that have the best to offer. All agents undergo a lot of training and most have a fair amount of industry knowledge, but, when it comes down to it, there are certain personality traits that can make the best real estate agent.

1. Honest 

Honesty is something you always want from a real estate agent. If you are looking at a home that is probably not the best choice as a buyer, the agent must have the integrity to tell you so instead of telling you what you want to hear. Likewise, when you are selling a home, you want an agent that is honest about what to expect. 

2. Personable 

The real estate agent is the primary communicator between a buyer and a seller. These professionals work with people from all walks of life, so they must be good negotiators and qualified communicators. When you wrap all this up into one attribute, you have an individual who is personable and easy to talk to. 

3. Patient 

Patience is always an important personality trait, but especially so when you are working with clients who are making major life decisions. For example, some people will look at dozens of homes before they ever find anything they like, and even then, they may change their minds. The best real estate agent is going to be patient enough to roll with the indecisiveness that can come along with real estate transactions. 

4. Determined 

Determination is always part of the real estate process, whether you are a buyer or a seller. You have to be determined to get your home noticed in spite of current market conditions just as you have to be determined when shopping for the right home for your future dwelling place. Agents must have the determination to push forward with a sale or to find a home even when their clients may be losing hope. 

5. Enthusiastic 

The best real estate agents never lose that enthusiasm about their role in a buying or selling process. Most of these professionals get into real estate because it is exciting to help people realize their dreams of buying a certain home or help people get rid of a home they no longer want. Therefore, any good agent is going to be just as thrilled about the process as you are.

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