Reasons To Buy A Home With More Acreage

If you're shopping for a home, your first thought may be that you really don't need that much land. You just need enough space to have a few flower beds and grill outside, right? This may be true, but actually, many homeowners do find that they benefit from buying a little more acreage than they think they need. A home on a 2, 3, or even 5-acre lot is often preferable to one on a half-acre for the following reasons.

1. Your neighbors won't be so close.

When you only have a half-acre, the property lines tend to be pretty close to your home itself, which means the neighbors' houses are close. You can hear everything they do, and they can hear everything you do. With a bit more land, the homes tend to be more spaced out, which gives you more privacy and allows you to be noisy without worrying that you'll disturb anyone else.

2. You can plant a larger garden or even some fruit trees.

Of course, you could plant a garden on a small lot, but with so little space to work with, you may not be able to space the plants properly or choose the ideal level of sunlight for everything you plant. There's a lot more flexibility for gardening when you have a larger lot. You can even plant crops that don't do well together on separate corners of the property or put in some fruit trees.

3. Outbuildings become an option.

Squeezing another building onto a small lot is often impossible, and even if you could fit an outbuilding in, building codes may prevent you from doing so because the structure would be too close to another house or fence. With a larger lot, you can have your choice of building sites. Put up a freestanding garage, a she-shed, a greenhouse, or even just a storage shed.

4. You have more space to play games.

With more acreage, you or your kids can set up a small field and play soccer, field hockey, or any number of other games. This will help keep you interested and entertained, especially in the summer months.

Buying a home with more acreage is often the smart move. While you may pay a little more for those few extra acres, you will find endless ways to use them over the years, whether that means planting a garden or building an extra garage. For more information about homes with acreage for sale in your area, contact a real estate agent.

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