6 Over-The-Top Features Buyers Are Looking For In Luxury Homes In 2021

Luxury home buyers expect high end appliances and superior finishes, like Carrera marble counter tops and walnut hardwood flooring. For 2021 and beyond, they are looking for my features that allow them to relax while staying entertained from the privacy of their own home.  

1. Swimming Pool: Swimming pools have always been a sought-after feature for luxury home buyers and today is no different. Large swimming pools -- both indoors and out -- with attached hot tubs are essentials in luxury homes. Even when the space is tight, builders manage to squeeze in narrow lap pools for their clients.

2. Oversize Home Gyms: Every since Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, and other Hollywood action stars started showing off their home gyms, luxury home buyers have wanted to increase the square footage allotted to the home gyms in their own homes. Large home gyms with multiple pieces of exercise equipment is high on the wish list for luxury home buyers today.  

3. Game Room: Classic arcade games and pinball machines are seeing new life as luxury home buyers recreate the ubiquitous arcades of their youth. After a hard day at the office, it can be relaxing to blast away mushrooms and fend of alien invasions in the comfort of your own basement. 

4.  Bowling Alley: While not every home has the 87 plus feet needed to accommodate a regulation size bowling alley, luxury home buyers are requesting smaller version in their basements as they create the ultimate home entertainment area. In fact, duck pin bowling, which has been around since the 1920s, allows players to bowl on a lane as short as 31 feet.

5. Home Theater: Home theaters have topped the wish list of luxury buyers for a long time and that isn't changing any time soon. In fact, with the recent growth in television and movie streaming, the need for a home theater is only going to grow. 

6. Multi-Car Garage: Two cars is just not cutting it. Luxury home buyers want multi-car garages -- as in, six-plus car garages -- to show off their growing collection of luxury vehicles. If the garage has a wow factor like glass floors or a built-in man cave, all the better. Lift systems allow even more cars to be stored and even more appealing to potential buyers. 

Luxury home buyers want to be entertained while staying home and the above over-the-top features certainly do the job. 

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