Cool Features Of Luxury Homes

A true luxury home is beyond comparison. Forget the "luxury" you thought you had in your previous home; nowadays, luxury homes have features that everyone else can only dream of having in their homes. Many have some really cool features that make these houses even more comfortable to live in. If you want to know if the houses you're seeing are really luxury houses, ask about installing some of these if they aren't already. True luxury houses will have the space for at least some of these.

A Full Home Gym

Luxury homes often have the space for a full home gym. Not just a compact six-in-one machine or a small bench with weights but a full home gym that makes you feel like you're at a top gym where you're the only customer. These spaces allow you to install machines that you'd normally see only at a professional establishment, only without the other gym-goers asking if they can work in between sets.

An Actual Dressing Room

A closet in a luxury home generally won't be your standard walk-in closet. In many luxury homes, the trend is to make the closet an actual dressing room, and a large one at that. There is room for hanging clothes to be spaced out and not crowded, so you see exactly what you have; there are shoe shelves that allow you to see and compare each pair you own. You'll have a table where you can lay out an outfit, benches — likely upholstered — where you can sit, and excellent lighting that spotlights differences in shades so that you don't end up dressing in three different shades of black.

Interior Space

The average small house, no matter how technologically advanced, is not luxury. It might have luxury features and might have state-of-the-art appliances, but it really can't be called true luxury if it doesn't have space. When you are inside a luxury house, you'll notice that you have room to move. You don't have to weave around furniture or step over sleeping pets; there's ample space to just walk around easily. Rooms in luxury homes don't have to be cavernous, but they are open, airy, and easy to move through.

Indoor Recreation Spaces

Companies like to pitch home entertainment centers for average homes, but luxury homes have real entertainment centers, as in full (albeit family-sized) movie theaters, tennis courts, swimming pools, and even bowling alleys. Sometimes these may be outdoors, such as that tennis court, but many times these features will be inside. A basement bowling alley with automated pinsetters and ball returns next to an indoor, heated, Olympic-sized swimming pool is completely possible when you have a luxury home.

Given that luxury homes are often owned and inhabited by people who have reasons for not going out to do these things — think socialites and major celebrities who would cause a scene just by walking past a theater, let alone going in to watch a movie — having these amenities is really not far-fetched.

To get started with your search for a luxury residential home, contact a local real estate agent.

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