What To Look For In Student Rental Houses

Student houses for rent are similar to student dorms, only more like living in a normal house and not as strict as the student dorm life. When you look at student rental houses, you're putting yourself in a position to be more independent while going to college but not making yourself entirely committed to a huge rental fee every month.

There are things to look for when it comes to student rental houses. You'll still have roommates and other similarities common to student housing, but you don't want to be surprised when you look at the first available listing, so use this guide to help you learn what to look for and expect when it comes to student rental houses.


The dorm life usually includes a bed and some minor furnishings. You'll be surprised, then, to find out that some student rental houses don't have any furnishings at all. If you want furnished lodging, you'll have to request it and you might end up paying more for it. Keep in mind that many student houses for rent have multiple people living in them so you might end up with roommates who have some basic furnishings such as couches, tables, and chairs.


Do you have a student dorm that has a community center, lunch area, swimming pool, or some other type of recreation unit? You might find some amenities in student rental houses, but not always. If this is something you want, then you might want to stick with a student dorm, although you won't have the same freedoms living the dorm life as you would staying in non-supervised student housing. However, most landlords have at least some rules for their tenants, such as pet allowances and how many people can stay at a dwelling at one time, so make sure no matter where you live you know what the rules are.


Dorm room living can be costlier than living in student rental houses, so if you want to save some money, consider the latter. You might not have laundry services on-site or you might not live right on campus, but you can enjoy a few extra bucks every month to work with and pay for food. Your landlord will list their rental fees with the application, so if you cannot afford the student rental houses around you, ask around and see if someone will want to rent a dwelling with you. You can gain independence but not be entirely alone and financially responsible for an entire unit if you have someone applying for student housing with you.

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