The Steps Of A Home Appraisal

Your home might need an appraisal for several reasons. For example, maybe you're selling it. In this case, the buyer needs to know its value. Or, perhaps you want to refinance your loan. If so, your lender needs this amount before approving your loan. Appraisals are vital with real estate, but have you ever wondered how they're done? If so, check out these steps, as they'll explain how an appraiser values a home.

The appraiser researches the home 

When an appraiser receives a request for services, they ask for some details. The main detail is the home's address. They use the address to research the house to learn more about its age and history. An appraiser can learn a lot about a house through research.

The appraiser visits the home and looks for specific things

The next step is to visit the home. Visiting the home is necessary for an accurate appraisal, as they can only find limited information by researching the house. When they show up to complete the process, they'll look for specific things.

First, they'll examine the overall condition. Next, they'll look for upgrades and improvements. Finally, they'll look for any extra features that add or subtract value from a house. These details matter to the appraiser as they affect the house's value.

They measure the home

Another step you can expect is for them to measure your home. While they can learn the size by researching the house, they must verify this information. Therefore, they will measure your house to determine an approximate size.

They look for similar properties

One key step of an appraisal is finding similar properties. The point of this is to see how much people have recently paid for similar houses. The appraiser can use recent home sales to find this information.

They compile the findings

The last step the appraiser takes is compiling the findings. Once they have all the details and information needed, they can go back to their office to compile the findings. The end result will be a value, and they'll give this to you on a home appraisal report.

Hire an appraiser to learn your home's value

If you're buying a house or need an appraisal for any other reason, you can hire an appraiser to complete it. After reading this guide, you understand what the appraiser does to determine the home's current value.

Contact a local real estate appraisal company for more information. 

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