Signs You Can Buy A Home Without A Garage

Many consider a garage a critical factor when looking for a home. However, some people can safely buy homes without garages. Below are some signs that you do not need a home with a garage.

You Have Access to Good Public Transport

Many need private cars to get around; for example, to commute to work or school. However, you might not need a car if your city or town has a good public transportation network. Areas with the best public transport systems use a mixture of buses, trains, and subways. Dedicated lanes for pedestrians and cyclists also help. Research the area before making a home purchase.

The Neighborhood Is Safe

Parking in a garage is safer than parking on the street. Even insurance companies understand garage safety and consider it when calculating auto insurance premiums. However, the safety angle is less of a concern for a home in an ultra-safe neighborhood. Research your target neighborhood's crime statistics and determine whether your car will be safe on the street.

You Can Add a Garage Later

If you find your dream house, but it lacks a garage, you can buy the property and add a garage later. However, confirm the viability of the garage's addition before purchase. For example, you confirm that the local zoning and homeowners' association laws permit garage addition. You should also confirm that the home has space for the garage.

The House Is Spacious

The primary reason for a garage is to house a car and protect it from thieves and weather elements. However, the secondary reasons for buying a house with a garage are important too. For example, some people use the garage:

  • As an extra storage space
  • As a gym
  • As a game room
  • As a workshop

However, you don't need an extra room for such things if you buy a home with multiple spacious rooms. In such a case, you can just dedicate one of these rooms for storage or other uses.

You Don't Plan To Sell the House

Many people prefer houses with garages to those without. As previously mentioned, some use their garages for different reasons. Thus, the absence of a garage might scare buyers even if you don't care for a garage. However, you don't have to worry about that if you don't plan to sell the house. Otherwise, the absence of a garage might hurt your property's resale prospects.

Evaluate your needs and priorities to define your ideal home. Don't forget that home buying is a process; contact a professional realtor to help you with buying a home.

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