How To Apply For Low Income Housing

There are around 46 million Americans living in poverty, and having housing for everyone is a main concern of many communities. With no community being able to fully house all the people who need low income housing to put a roof over their heads, it's important that when you apply for this type of housing, you're given priority for the next available unit.

The key to applying for low income housing is this: making sure your application goes through the first time and has no lulls in the application process. Use this guide to help you apply for low income housing appropriately so you can get into affordable living for you and your family.

Apply in person

Applying in person allows you to ask questions at the facility you are wanting to live in and have them answered right away. Applying for low income housing in person gets you answers to questions you have, such as pet policies, income limits, what constitutes a household member, and other concerns.

If you meet the majority of the criteria for living in a certain low income housing unit, you can proceed with the application process. If you do not want to apply elsewhere after seeing an affordable housing unit in person, you can move on to the next available unit.

Have the right documents

It's possible you'll have to supply birth certificates and social security numbers for every person in your household, including children, in order to apply for certain low income housing facilities. If you don't have these documents, you'll have to order them at the right departments for your state, which can take time.

Supplying the income information for you and the other adult living in low income housing with you is a necessity. Income includes pay stubs, work release forms, tax returns if you're self-employed, and other income-verifying documentation. If you're not employed, then provide any work history or educational background you have.

Other documents you'll need to provide in some cases include proof of marriage or parental guardianship of children under your charge, any probation information — if applicable — and other personal documentation for applying for low income housing.

If you want to get into low income housing, ask your state's health and welfare department or local community center for assistance in applying for an affordable housing unit. Be prepared for a wait until a unit is made available to you. The sooner you apply for low income housing, the sooner you can have your family situated with affordable housing.  

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