Things to Consider Before Buying Acreage

Buying an acreage of land could be your dream. It may be that you want the land to live on and raise livestock for the market, or perhaps you wish to farm. Whatever the reason for wanting to buy that acreage of land, there are important considerations you need to think about. You need to think about the location of the land, the zoning for that land, and a home inspection for the existing structures.

There are other considerations as well. Here are some things to consider before buying an acreage that you might not have before.

Drinking Water

If the acreage you are considering has a house on it or other structures, you need to think about where your drinking water is coming from. It is most likely that the home is set up on a well system and not attached to town or city water unless the land is located nearby to a larger population.

If there is a well, then have it tested for water safety as well as for the transfer rate of the water. Check with your local authorities to see what transfer rate is best, but there should be enough to provide running water to the house.

You also need to know if the home's water supply is part of a co-op. This is when several landowners in the area developed a water treatment plant and each member owns shares of it. You will need to have the shares transferred to you when you buy the land to access the water.

Sewer System

Since the land is most likely not attached to the town water supply, you will also need to think about a sewer system. This means the home has a septic tank or field. These should be inspected before you buy the land to check for problems.

Check to ensure the proper capacity for the size of your family and learn how often the tank will need to be emptied each year. You might find some tanks will need to be emptied more than once a year, so consider that too before you buy.

Property Access

You need to know if the property's access will be difficult in the winter if the area receives a lot of snow. Who is responsible for snow removal for access roads? Do you need to take care of it yourself? Do you pay fees to a co-op or nearby town to have the snow removed? Is the road maintained by the town or do you need to do it? If you are responsible for the property access roads, you need to take that into account before buying the acreage.

Garbage Collectors

When you live in a town or city, you don't always think about garbage collection. The city takes care of it. In the country, however, it becomes something you need to consider. Who does the garbage collecting? Does the community take care of it? Do you have to pay for it? Are you responsible for removing your garbage and taking to the depot? You might want to find out before you buy the acreage.

If you're ready to buy property, contact real estate agencies that have acreage for purchase.

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