Tips To Get A Good Home Valuation On Your First Try

Are you looking to put your home back on the market? This is just one of the reasons why you might be looking into a Staten Island home valuation. A home valuation can make it easier to properly price and sell your home on the open market, or you could use the valuation for other purposes such as an insurance claim. But in order to get a home valuation you are happy with, you'll want to put in some work before the person assessing the home drives up to your property. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to get a good valuation for your house.

A Clean Home Makes a Good Impression and That Might Affect the Final Number More Than You Think

First impressions can be a big deal with just about anything in life, and that certainly applies to the home valuation process. If the person showing up to assess your property walks onto a lot with a yard that has a bunch of weeds, or the inside of your house has a sink full of dirty dishes and there are toys all over the floor, this unpleasant scenery may end up affecting your valuation, and that's simply because your new number is being provided by one of your fellow human beings. Seeing a house that looks like it's in disarray may subconsciously affect the final report, even if the assessment is supposed to focus on things like the plumbing system or overall stability of the house. Do some landscaping and clean your house inside and out before contacting anyone about a home valuation.

Provide Data of Other Homes in Your Area If You Believe It Will Help You

Perhaps the reason you are interested in a home valuation is that you've seen other houses in your town or neighborhood going for more money in recent months or years. If you believe your house is also worthy enough to join in on this real estate boom, document the sale prices for other homes in your neighborhood or housing plan and show this evidence to whoever is doing the valuation assessment. The home valuation expert will likely do their own research in this regard anyway, but it can't hurt to point them in the right direction.

Fix Major Problems in Advance or At Least Be Honest About Known issues

One way to annoy a home valuation expert is to try and hide known problems. An expert who does valuations for a living already likely knows every trick in the book and will find what's wrong with your house eventually. If you are upfront about potential problems, you might be docked less than if the expert believes you tried to cover up the issue.

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